Sessions for Depth Work and Process Facilitation


Process facilitation using an embodied and mindful presence. Following and tracking of what is happening for the client, providing an active and engaged presence for what is taking place (or not yet taking place). Focused in the here and now on behalf of the client's well-being and aliveness.


“PsychoEnergetics” is a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and applying a particular style of process facilitation, one that supports the deepening process of personal development for the practitioner and the client. This approach also supports a body-mind integration of both the practitioner and the client, which leads to significant, meaningful and sustainable transformation work.


PsychoEnergetics Training incorporates process teachings and tools from these various clinical and spiritual disciplines: Jungian Psychology, Buddhist Mindfulness Practices; Character Development Psychology; Affect Theory; the Hindu Human Energy System; “Presencing” Skills; BioEnergetics; as well as from other depth, developmental, transpersonal and body-oriented psychologies.

Katia Krueger is a graduated PSEN Training Practitioner.


Because we all want to be happy and healthy, peaceful and well. We all want to feel alive, to be able to go over our problems, fears, worries...Because we want to be supported, understood... Because we want a better life for us and the people we love... a better world.


During a PSEN session we sit one in front of the other and we start to explore what is alive in you. For example: worries, problems, emotions...We pay special attention to the body, so the session is not only focussed in mind contain. Old traumas and tensions from our daily life are hold in the body, many times affecting the way we breath and of course the way we deal with our problems and we relate to others. We'll look for different ways to relate to the actual circumstances. Nothing new can come from the old patterns, the old way to look at things. So we'll learn how to be open to the unknown, which is the door to infinite possibilities. 


I have been doing personal depth work with PSYCHO-ENERGETICS ( PSEN sessions ) for about 12 years now. It has not been always simple or easy, but I found a solid ground on the practitioner, a new resource in my life to be able to grow, to develop my skills and to make my dreams real and my life better. Without this resource, I used to jump from one problem, to the same problem with different characters and scenery. It was difficult to see how was me the one creating the same circumstances again and again, the same result. 

With PSEN sessions you will learn how to stop reaction and instead act. You will do wider your window of tolerance. And you will go beyond your developmental edge. You will earn aliveness and joy. You will find mystery in life. But for that you must be ready to dive into yourself. Are you ready for that?


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