Having grown up in Pamplona, a little city in the north of Spain, famous because of the party where the bulls run on the streets, I moved to Madrid, and then to Catalunya, where I started a process of deep healing, thanks to PsychoEnergetics Training Programme, Irene Tobler and Michael Mervosh. Now I use meditation and yoga in my daily life as a practice for embodiment. And I follow the buddhist teachings of Geshe Tashi Tsering from Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London.

Being Vegan is an important part  of my practice for having a healthy life.


For many years I was working in Natural Health Remedy Shops, where I gained  most of my knowledge about suplements and different kinds of products for wellbeing. But I was always looking for something else.Then I went to India and I learnt Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage in Goa. Through this experience I started my massage practice understanding massage not just as a method for releasing the tension in muscles, but as a spiritual way for balancing body, mind and spirit.


I worked in la Costa Brava for some years going deeper in my knowledge with many other new trainings , sorrounded by the sea, the sun, the wind...

Next I moved to London to improve  my English and to volunteer for three months in a buddhist centre. During this time I went deeper into my meditation practice, improving shamata and mindfulness. And I started working at a Thai Spa, where I improved my technique and my strength working with all body sizes ( usually XXL ) . London is a beautiful city, very open and cosmopolitan, where you can find lots of different cultures living peacefully together.


So now, I am here in a little town up in the Swiss Alps.  My desire is to release the tension of my clients ( physically and emotionaly ) . Helping others to have a better feeling about their lives and a deeper sense of connection with all around.


  • Sports Massage, Quiromassage ( Classical Massage ), Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Points Therapy, Passive Stretching, Meridians massage, Abhyanga Ayurvedic, Thai/Swedish, Thai Foot, Hot Stones... using 100% ORGANIC products.

  • Psycho-Energetics Training Programme.  www.psentraining.com

  • Mindfulness and Shamata Meditation.

  • Buddhist Teachings at Jamyang Buddhist Centre with Geshi Tashi Tsering, now, Abbot in Sera Mey Monastic University in South India. https://www.jamyang.co.uk/index.php/what-s-on/geshe-tashi-teachings

  • FBT Course. Geshe Tashi Tsering.

  • Quantum Entrainment ( QE ) with Frank Kinslow.

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Greeting the elephant Laksmi. 

Hampi, India. Jan. 2011.




Sant Feliu de Guíxols

La Costa Brava

Phone nr   +34 608 020 027

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