Having grown up in Pamplona, a little city in the north of Spain, famous because of the party where the bulls run on the streets, I moved to Madrid, and then to Catalunya, where I started a process of deep healing, thanks to PsychoEnergetics Training Programme, Irene Tobler and Michael Mervosh. Now I use meditation and yoga in my daily life as a practice for embodiment. And I follow the buddhist teachings of Geshe Tashi Tsering from Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London.

Being Vegan is an important part  of my practice for having a healthy life and giving a better life to the animal beings.


For many years I was working in Natural Health Remedy Shops, where I gained  most of my knowledge about suplements and different kinds of products for wellbeing. But I was always looking for something else.Then I went to India and I learnt Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage in Goa. Through this experience I started my massage practice understanding massage not just as a method for releasing the tension in muscles, but as a spiritual way for balancing body, mind and spirit.


I worked in la Costa Brava for some years going deeper in my knowledge with many other new trainings , sorrounded by the sea, the sun, the wind...

Next I moved to London to improve  my English and to volunteer for three months in a buddhist centre. During this time I went deeper into my meditation practice, improving shamata and mindfulness. And I started working at a Thai Spa, where I improved my technique and my strength working with all body sizes ( usually XXL ) . London is a beautiful city, very open and cosmopolitan, where you can find lots of different cultures living peacefully together.


So now, here I am, in a little town up in the Swiss Alps.  My desire is to release the tension of my clients ( physically and emotionally ) . Helping others to have a better feeling about their lives and a deeper sense of connection with all around.


After almost four years in the beautiful Engelberg, I'm back in la Costa Brava, where I always dreamt to be. Life has its own ways to put everything on its own place. Sometimes, to give up and to surrender to what it is asked to you to do, makes miracles happen. I will miss Engelberg: its stunning mountains, the snow and the wildeness of the pure and cristaline water from the glaciers. The Swiss way of doing things, all so perfectly done, and the Swedish community always welcoming and ready to help. I will miss you, Switzerland, but we will meet again. 

Happy to be back at the dark green, light blue and turquaise paradise. And very curious about what will be next. 


  • Therapeutic and Sports Massage Techniques, Passive Yoga Assanas, Meridians massage, Abhyanga Ayurvedic, Thai/Swedish, Thai Foot, Hot Stones...100% ORGANIC products.

  • Psycho-Energetics Training Programme.  www.psentraining.com A body-mind oriented coaching therapy - process facilitation. 

  • Mindfulness and Shamata Meditation.

  • Buddhist Teachings at Jamyang Buddhist Centre with Geshi Tashi Tsering, now, Abbot in Sera Mey Monastic University in South India. https://www.jamyang.co.uk/index.php/what-s-on/geshe-tashi-teachings

  • FBT Course. Geshe Tashi Tsering: modules 1-5.

  • Quantum Entrainment ( QE ) with Frank Kinslow.

  • Yoga Practitioner since 2008.

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Greeting the elephant Laksmi. 

Hampi, India. Jan. 2011.




Sant Feliu de Guíxols

La Costa Brava

Phone nr   +34 608 020 027

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