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What can you expect from a massage with me?

You will probably feel really relaxed. Grounded. You will feel your body lighter, more alive, with a better inner flow. You will feel calmer…more in peace. You might have a kind of inner experience. Some people get insights about a concern or something they have been struggling with. You might have a powerful dream. Or you might not have any of these “side effects” but you will feel great. Some people are just more sensitive than others. Some others are more strongly structured. Usually people need to go to rest or being quiet for a while. I recommend to take some time for yourself after it. No jumping into “normal life” full of stimulation like music, tv, exciting conversations and so forth. Just rest. Take your time… Breath…and relax. 


In a time where human consciousness is increasing and being challenged in many different ways, we are called to increase our awareness. Not just about our bodies, but also about our emotions, feelings, thoughts and inner landscapes. We can't try to scape to ourselves with more distractions. This will drain us into more confusion, stress and apathy. Addictions, negativities and frustrations. We are called once more to increase our awareness about Mother Earth and our selfish way of using it which is destroying it and it will destroy us as specie. We need to understand that our perception of separation is just an illusion. And we are all interconnected. So we are with other species. We can not longer denny this. 


I work with presence, embodiment and not judgement. But other healing techniques might be used in the session. If emotions come, allow them to flow. The PsychoEnergetics work (holistic coaching or integral coaching: which is aware of body, mind, emotions and feelings as a guide to understand what's going on for the client) allows the therapist to hold you completely, unblocking old patters and believes, so something new can arise and so, more aliveness.


Healing Hand

Drawing after a healing session.

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