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What if everyone started giving back to the natural world in ways that restore the global forest? How fast could we make a difference in the face of climate change?

TREES Transform Lives and Landscapes

TreeSisters is empowering a network of women around the world to change the world through tree planting

It has become Normal to Destroys Our WORLD

Currently, trees around the world are being removed and damaged at an extraordinary rate. If we continue to live in this way then soon our forests will be gone and the ramifications of this are unthinkable. Trees and forest ecosystems provide so much; beyond sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere they provide a home for biodiversity, they preserve soil and help prevent water pollution.

According to the IPCC 2018 report, we have just 12 years to limit the impact of climate change. It has never been more important to unite for the planet, protect our forests and plant trees on behalf of life!

GIVE To TreeSisters

Everytime you donate to TreeSisters, you are growing global tropical forests! When you Grow Your Own Forest you are giving a gift to replenish and restore our planet. By donating to TreeSisters, you're also stepping into a vibrant community that's saying yes to life, actively seeding the future we want to create for future generations.

Text from TreeSisters website.

For you, for me, for everyone. For the animals, flowers, plants, trees...For the waters...For the future generations.

Because we love Nature...we love Planet Earth. And we want a beautiful and healthy planet where living in Peace and Harmony.

Katia Krüger



We are a purpose-driven business with a mission to end the OCEAN plastic crisis

Directly FUND the removal of trash from the OCEAN, rivers, and coastlines plus so much more!

We have projects starting in the mountains!!